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February 23, 2022

Celebrating Black history in Canada through tessellation and portraiture

Timed to open at the start of Black History Month, NWSS art students are getting to share their tessellation and portraiture work in a new way this year: starting February 2nd (and running through to June 19th), the black and white depictions will be on display at The Community Gallery at The Anvil Centre.

Moved by a push for greater social justice, the students researched prominent figures from Black History in Canada and shared their contributions in black and white tessellation patterns and portraits.

Equal parts ‘black’ and ‘white’ in these works challenges a Eurocentric-lens that is too often applied when discussing history by featuring People of Colour (POC) and Black Canadians in an equally starring role. Each student provides a thoughtful artist statement with their portrait.

To find out more about the free show and how you can see it, please look to the City of New Westminster listing here: