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Do you like to take an active role in your learning?  Are you self-directed and enjoy working at your own pace?  Do you want to set your own goals and develop your own learning activities?

The Hume Park Learning Centre offers a safe place to meet others and learn in group settings. To supplement learning at  home, we offer classes covering a variety of topics, integrating language arts, science or social studies, as well as the arts and PE.  We use assignments, projects, hands-on math activities and showcase projects to share and connect learning between home and the Centre.

Soapstone Carving

Do It Yourself soapstone carving kits. Send us your photos to be shared here.

Please look at the reference photos before you start carving. Try to observe the shape and details (grooves, lines, body, face, ears, tail) so you can make a better sense of their shapes in relation to one another.

Instruction Videos:

Students in grades K-4: pendant (heart, star, shark tooth, leaf)
Students in grades 5-8: animal shapes (bear, wolf, orca)



Shark Tooth






Interesting Links

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Trinket – Python (used during our coding classes)

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