How our Home Learners Program Works

The Home Learners Program is an educational program where the learning responsibility is shared by the families. Led by teachers, families develop a Learning Plan for the child. The Learning Plan combines all areas of the BC curriculum and all environments including a home program, activities and classes within the community, and classes at the Learning Centre.

Parents and students are encouraged to share their ideas and goals during initial Learning Plan meetings, and throughout the year during midterm check ins, and through face to face conferences at the end of each term.

At the Home Learners Program, we respect each person’s individuality as adults and children work together. We value the role of family involvement in a child’s learning and work together to build a healthy learning community. We understand the time spent outside the class is a very important part of the child’s learning experience.

Part-time, ongoing classes and activities at our Learning Centre are kept small and multi-age. This allows each child to experience themselves both as a learner and a mentor. Older students are encouraged to mentor younger students through volunteer opportunities at the Learning Centre, and in the community. Each term runs for approximately 8-10 weeks, beginning in late September, January, and April.

Creation of a “portfolio” for each child will reflect the Student Learning Plan. Portfolios are a collection of student work samples that highlight learning at home, in the community, and at our Learning Centre. Portfolios and conferencing occur three times a year towards the end of each term in November, February, and June.  Conferencing is an opportunity for students to showcase their achievements, plan future learning projects, and to take an active role in identifying and setting goals and next steps.