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January 7, 2019

Jan. 7-14: Join the Conversation!

An invitation to you from Mark Gifford,
Chair of our New Westminster Schools Board of Education.
Join the conversation!


January 7 – 14: It’s time to share your thoughts!


At New Westminster Schools, we’re starting 2019 with an open and interactive conversation with you – parents, students, staff, community members.

We have a new Board of Education and a new leadership team ready to chart a course for the coming year.

Your thoughts and ideas will shape how we allocate resources and identify priorities to meaningfully support learning opportunities for our students.

We’re excited to be using an interactive online forum called Thoughtexchange.

You can sign in and:


How it works…

A little bit about how Thoughtexchange works::


  • It’s a three-step process.  First, you confidentially share your thoughts about the issues that matter to you. You can then review and ‘star’  the thoughts of others, seeing different perspectives and points of view as we collectively discover what the community values. Come back often between January 7 and 14 and contribute to the ongoing conversation!


  • The names and email addresses of participants will never be publicly associated with a thought or response.


  • The result is a powerful process that allows us to discover common ground, shared ideas, and how we can take action to address priorities for our district.


Everyone’s welcome to join the conversation…


Karim Hachlaf, Superintendent of New Westminster Schools, noted this is the first time the school district has embarked on such a broad and inclusive conversation.

“Using this tool is something new that will allow us to reach a huge audience – it’s a much more robust way to have a dynamic conversation than a survey soliciting static feedback.”

The process will also include an upcoming student symposium for middle and high school students to share their voices in the process.

“We invite everyone to take the time to support the students in our district,” Hachlaf said.

“On behalf of the students we serve, thank you for taking the time to support learning in our District,” said Hachlaf.

“We believe that by understanding your experiences and priorities, we will be able to improve our education system and better serve the needs of our students.”