Testable Question Project

(due date: Tuesday February 20th and Wednesday February 21st, 2024)

What do you wonder about? Find a testable question, determine your hypothesis, design an experiment, and conduct a fair test to prove your hypothesis. Here is a List of Testable Questions for ideas to help you get started. If you need a detailed explanation of how to write a testable question, view this informative slide presentation. Please note that slides 1 to 7 are suitable for all students, slides 8+ are designed for grade 7 and 8.

Download the Project Instructions, Experiment Form, and Self-Reflection rubric for more details.

Project Instructions:
Gr K-2 Project Instructions
Gr 3-4 Project Instructions
Gr 5-6 Project Instructions
Gr 7-8 Project Instructions

Experiment Form:
Gr K-2 Experiment Form
Gr 3-4 Experiment Form
Gr 5-6 Experiment Form
Gr 7-8 Experiment Form and Recording Sheet

On Tuesday February 20th and Wednesday February 21st, students will begin to share their work during showcase presentations in their classes.